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The Midset Of Hope - GINS 2017

Hello. My novel (Hope For Animals And Their World, Jane Goodall and others) is not an ordinary novel. It is a collection of short stories/cases of particular animals going from nearly extinct to being saved by humans. Each and every story contains the same theme yet they are all individual in their own way.
The setting of this book is, guess what, earth. All these stories share several characteristics and shared themes. One of which is that all stories happen on earth (woah…). Yet, I don’t believe that that is the setting. As Google defines “setting”: the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place. And I’m going to assume that this “place” may not have to physical but can be emotional. I believe that the setting of this book is a place in our heart. In other words, I believe that the setting of the book is hope. All short stories are written off of Jane Goodall’s hope for human nature and the natural world. She writes off of her hope that…

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